What About Bob?

Media has been my business since 1978, from newspapers to television and radio. My long path has allowed me to fulfill every dream I had as a young man: news and sports anchoring on television; broadcasting play-by-play for athletic events; sports-writing for the Los Angeles Times (as a 'stringer'); and the radio gamut from disc jockeying to news and sports.

My voice has been used to sell everything from the Fat-off 75 Diet Plan to Acura, from "The GutBuster" to BluBlocker Sunglasses, and The Helsinki Formula (perhaps the original men's hair-loss product... now where did I put that phone number?...) to The Wall Street Journal.

On a more serious note (though I realize the makers and distributors of those products were all very serious!) I've also had the privilege to labor as radio co-host on behalf of some of the most gifted leaders in the modern Church, including Dr. D. James Kennedy (Truths That Transform, The Kennedy Commentary and The Coral Ridge Hour television program), Dr. John Maxwell (Growing Today), Dr. John Guest (LifeFocus), Dr. Michael Youssef (Leading The Way), and Dr. John Piper (Desiring God).

I've also had the honor to lend my voice to numerous hosting events and commercial work for Bibles For The World (Dr. Rochunga Pudaite), Multnomah Publishers, Food For The Poor (the 4th largest international relief organization in the United States), Jay Sekulow (American Center for Law and Justice and Jay Sekulow Live!), and many others.


Bob Allen Audio's long and illustrious history began in August of 2004 (OK, maybe it's not so long... yet!). This new chapter in my life opened following nearly nine outstanding years as part of the top-rate team at GSF Media, Smyrna, TN. Greg Fast is simply the most gracious and honorable man I've ever had the privilege to work for, and everything I do from this day forward will bear the marks of his training and kindness.

My Three Greatest Hits

What are the three things for which I've received the most compliments? That's easy:

#1 - My Voice

#2 - My Four Children, and

#3 - My Beard (Yes, it's absolutely true! Go ahead and ask me sometime what Dr. Jay Adams said to me the first time I met him.)

So, what do those three things have in common?


Say what?

Yes, humility.

When people commend your voice, what are you going to say in return? "Oh, thank you, I just about wore myself out trying to find this one... thank you, very much!"

And the children? "Ya know how long it took to hunt down just the right mold in which to bake those cuties? Phew!"

The beard? "Well, actually, my mother picked it out."

Yeah... right.

In each case all I can do is give thanks to the One Who gave them to me--along with everything else! He's revealed His love to me through Jesus Christ and given me the gift of eternal life; He's provided opportunities to fulfill all my earthly dreams; He's graced me with the absolutely most beautiful, intelligent and loving bride the world has ever seen (I even bought her a shirt that says "Brilliant, Beautiful and One of a Kind", but imagine my hurt that she is hesitant to wear it anywhere!).

All I can do now is ask for even more grace that I can use what He's given to bring glory to His Name.

You exalt a crystal clear stream by drinking from it, and you exalt God by coming back to Him over and over to receive all the limitless blessing He has to offer. And the greatest bounty of all, is knowing Him and being part of His family in the Church. As John Piper has well revealed:

If you want the highest pleasure, rejoice in Christ as your treasure.

God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him.

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